Churn Prediction PoC for Leading Lithuanian Operator


Role: Project Manager

Employer: Comptel Oyj
Technology/Tools: Greenplum / Project Management Methodologies
Executed: August/September 2012
References: Matti Aksela or Joakim Knutar
Note: Image is the property of Telia Sonera

Comptel is putting a lot of focus on Contextual Intelligence for Telecommunications and Customer Engagement Solutions. Traditionally Comptel has been very strong in the data Provisioning space and the Data mediation (and more recently, Policy Control) space. This means that a huge amount of the worlds subscriber information (and other data) flows through Comptel Solutions. Comptel is in an ideal position to monetize its position. In early 2012 Comptel acquired Xtract, a Finnish company which specialised in advanced analytics (focused on telecoms). In the diagram below, the acquisition of Xtract (the bit with the red around it) allows Comptel to complete the circle.

The Contextual Intelligence Solution is being introduced to Comptel customers. This project was one of the first and was a strategic introduction of the capability to the Telia Sonera group.

My Role: Project Manager

I assumed the Project Management lead for this effort as an additional role within Comptel. As part of this role I conducted the following:

  • Project Scoping/Planning/Budgeting
  • Customer Relationship/Expectation Management
  • Project Reporting to both the Customer and the Comptel Telia Sonera Internal Steering Board